SIM Card Management

SIM Card Management

Fulfilment & Number Management

As the UK’s largest provider of automated SIM card packaging and fulfilment we have a mature and developed solution offering complete flexibility to provide total control of both physical SIM cards and the associated number management.

Our interactive web portal gives a single end-to-end view of all activity and allocations. The portal also provides a route to control and manage e-SIM activations along with the ability to handle SKU’s and provisioning data on-the-fly.

Currently producing in excess of 35 million SIM packs per annum, we have long-established relationships and continue to develop new technology to ensure a fully automated, integrity focused solution, able to cope with spikes in demand, whilst at the same time enabling a just-in-time approach to stock control.

We manage, produce and fulfil SIM packs for some of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe. Through re‑engineering their SIM packs we have incorporated innovation, competitive advantage and cost-savings. Maintenance of a high quality print output, with absolute integrity around data, cards and reporting has been key to successful product delivery.

With our many years’ experience of postal services, we offer a SIM pack solution that prints personalised carriers on demand, and mails them to the individual recipient. We are able to advise on the structure of the content of the pack, how messaging can be targeted to best effect and ensure that data is qualified and filtered to keep wastage and fraudulent requests to a minimum.

Barry Dodimead

Client Services Director
“Having been involved in so many projects, re-engineering process, adding value and planning for the long-term, I find REAL Digital is an enormously vibrant and stimulating environment in which to be. We relish bringing prospective and existing clients into the business and seeing what we can create together.”

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Delivering prevention rather than cure

In a world where methods of accessing healthcare change almost daily, how we give healthcare bodies, practitioners, pharmacists and patients the opportunity to interact with each other in a safe, secure and efficient way is key to the future success of any sustainable healthcare system.

REAL Digital is focusing its efforts on delivering cross-platform communications expertise in conjunction with fully automated fulfilment capability to enable health systems to function smarter and faster; de-risked and delivered at the point of need.

The need to distribute test kits, screening kits, wearables, health monitors and tablets linked to sensitive patient information demands a partner with the capability and integrity to manage data securely, yet reliably fulfil, pair and match products.

The shift towards empowering patients is already under way as consumers drive the process by capturing their own data. Mobile health increases patients’ knowledge and power, changing the relationship to a more collaborative one.

The biggest impact of all of these changes will be to lower the cost of healthcare overall. Wherever there is a mobile signal there is the capability for delivering better healthcare.

Tania Colegate

Sales Director
“Playing such an integral part in programmes that make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives gives a whole new sense of purpose to why we do what we do.”

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Communications Management

Customer Communications

Making the right connections

The ability to communicate with your customer base across the myriad of delivery options now available, whilst maintaining consistency in message and more importantly legal requirements, is the art involved in Customer Communication Management.

With investment in ‘class leading’ cross-media platforms, and driven by an award winning development team, REAL Digital has built a range of Customer Content Management programmes and tools for our clients, each engineered to suit their individual requirements.

Ensuring that each communication stage interacts with each other is key to managing any relationship. Our platform offers multimedia output; digital interaction can be monitored, and if not read by customers, trigger alternative output, e.g., print/SMS/outbound call, thereby safeguarding customer engagement.

Real-time interaction via a sophisticated app and email delivery process means that customers are connected 24/7, reducing print, postage and physical call centre costs, whilst delivering enhanced communication and sales benefits. Our bespoke platform provides online editable access to documents, T’s&C’s and marketing material, providing creative flexibility to stay ahead of the competition. This all takes place alongside an online approval process utilising the most up-to-date tools available.

Working for some of the country’s leading financial organisations, we have a track record of delivering continual improvement to both process and output.

Robert Burbidge 

Sales Director – Customer Communications
Communication strategies are for the long-term. Flexibility, reach and future-proofing are at the heart of all my discussions. Print, email, online and app are all equally valid, but there are many supporting opportunities whether they be personalised video, connected data capture or interactive solutions.

REAL Digital’s CCM team will happily discuss the opportunities and share our case studies

Product Sampling

Product Sampling

Controlling Supply, Packaging and Interaction

Having the right hands on the right product at the right time is the most powerful way to promote or launch any product. ‘Letterbox Shopping’ is having an increasing impact on doormats, promoting products in a less crowded space, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The increase of on-line shopping has impacted the traditional in-store environment to launch, test and stimulate FMCG activity. REAL Digital’s Product Sample Delivery (PSD) programme helps to engage and excite consumers by safely delivering product samples. Our specialised packaging team works with our clients to create tailored packaging solutions to ensure that the product is Protected, Contained and works to Inform with its contents. Personalised vouchers can be added to track response and drive maximum value.  Our many years of experience within this sector enable us to guide and shape this interaction to give a product its maximum impact.

Bill Pound

Client Relationship Director
“It never ceases to amaze me just what we can package and get through people’s letterboxes. The success of sampling as an extension of loyalty is a fantastic convergence of approach; how do you make the voucher work harder? You send the product with it.”

  • Percentage increase in sales from Product Sampling 26% 26%
  • Percentage of packs opened by recipient 68% 68%
  • Percentage of new product marketing budgets for product sampling 54% 54%

‘Letterbox shopping’ positively impacts social media interaction

Whether you are looking to send a sachet of food, a packet of biscuits, a dishwasher tablet, a perfume sample, cosmetics product or anything else we can help. Being able to work with all of the individual elements and stages of a sampling campaign, from initial pack design, product supply, data sortation, fulfilment, postage and reporting, we are able to provide a full service offering.

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Driving Action, Reaction and Return

With years of experience working with many of the UK’s major retail brands, we understand the need to ensure all communication is relevant to the individual. We specialise in developing loyalty programmes and producing cards, vouchers and content tailored to the recipient.

Our drive to provide more innovative means of communication with customers has enabled us to deliver interactive forms of media, utilising RFID tags, Augmented Reality, retailer’s apps, e-documents, iFrame data capture, and spatial mapping.

Understanding what triggers people to react to messaging, offers and formats is key to running a successful loyalty campaign. With the plethora of marketing touch-points available in the 21st Century, maximising value and return can only be achieved by joining up inventory, regional variations, life cycle expectations and a broader CRM programme.

Mass communication no longer enables the relevance and timeliness expected by the consumer. The right offer, at the right time, via the right touch point, with the right product will drive greater return and loyalty.

Tricia Harbour

Senior Account Manager
“Every meeting raises the question of how to get the consumer’s attention in this fiercely competitive, interactive world in which we all now live.  It’s fascinating to watch how we succeed in making a difference in this vibrant arena.”

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Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging

The Fulfilment of Unique Things

We live in an increasingly connected world. Markets are being transformed by affordable, multi-purpose smart products and devices that will affect our everyday lives at home, at leisure, in the car, in the workplace and will become an integral part of our health and well-being.

REAL Digital adds value to the entire supply chain and ecosystem. If your product is coded or unique to the recipient, requires a full audit trail, pre- or post-pairing, our end-to-end capabilities are transforming this fast-growing sector.

Our partnership and consultative approach ensures that we are able to support our customers at the many different entry points during their Connected journey.

• Design and prototyping (3D printing)
• CRM implementation and secure data capture
• Software and platform integration
• Packaging and automated fulfilment solutions
• Global logistics and distribution
• Supply chain MI portal
• Project management

Bill Pound

Client Relationship Director
“With the world changing by the day in how we communicate and connect to each other, leading REAL Digital into this new world has seen me talk to so many new people, each with great ideas as to how we can all create a better connected world.”

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Dynamic Ticketing

Dynamic Ticketing

Event access and payment with RFID

How we all access events has changed fundamentally in recent years. The rise of agencies, apps and even print-at-home have all served to put the consumer in greater control, however, each has failed to deliver the levels of security for access that all events demand.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) wristbands offer the ultimate in secure access. The chips embedded in the band allow identity verification (access control), cashless transactions and the ability to interact to promote offers and promotional opportunities. This all operates without having to carry anything else around at an event.

Each wristband artwork can be tailored to the event to reinforce branding and sponsorship. However, the key benefit is that each chip is unique and allocated to the individual purchaser. This ensures that only that recipient can access an event, areas within the event, and has access to the payment opportunities. Copies cannot be made and transferred, inhibiting fraud whilst speeding up the accreditation and entry process.

By partnering with the major provider of RFID wristbands, we offer an end-to-end service supplying the bands, managing the data through our online portal and fulfilling on our automated production lines. Verified and integrity matched, our solution ensures a smooth and true value-add service.

Alison Oosterbaan 

Business Development Director
“Seizing the opportunity to bring together so many aspects of the supply chain into one offering, has been critical for us in driving real innovation.”

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