Our Vision and Evolution

Our Vision and Evolution

To be a pioneering communications services provider

Established in 2004, our goal is to do things differently and to continually push boundaries. Starting with a blank canvas, and investment of over £20 million, we created an environment that truly reflects our thoughts, plans and ideas, positioning us to best serve our clients’ needs in an ever changing world.

Through continual investment and development, our services have evolved to support the demanding, multi-faceted world in which we all operate, providing clarity and control. With many ideas and concepts still to bring to life, our energy and enthusiasm is boundless.

Firmly established as the UK’s leading provider of communication and supply chain solutions, our mission is to challenge ourselves and our clients to develop new ideas, push boundaries, pioneer innovation and deliver best of breed communications in the fields of Retail, Mobile, Health and Financial Services.

Primary Sectors


To survive and thrive, brands must remain in front of the consumer, be relevant and provide value. REAL Digital enables this to take place at a one to one level, utilising product, vouchers and messaging to maximum effect.


With every element of the mobile space being controlled by a product or subscription based on a unique identifier, our strengths in data manipulation, reconciliation and control provide a real-time view, delivering substantial supply chain benefits.


Self-monitoring and assisted living requires a completely new approach to interaction, data collection and reporting. Integrating these elements ensures a greater chance of success and integrity, reducing costs and providing a better quality of life to all involved.


Channel agnostic communications are now essential to ensure that documents get to employees, consumers and clients, ensuring compliance with regulatory and market needs.  Our customer communication platform brings this together providing full visibility, access and control.


Our Methodology

Our Methodology

A truly partnership approach, innovating your communications

With solid experience across a variety of sectors, REAL Digital makes a difference. Our fulfilment gives your customers the content they need via the channel they prefer; our loyalty programmes are flexible and accountable, and our mobile is quick to market and gives you complete visibility.

Joined up thinking is at the heart of who and what we are. Being able to develop and code our own software enables us to shape client specific solutions. We do not rely on off-the-shelf products so endeavour not to throw boundaries around our clients’ ideas and goals.

Our clients have the opportunity to access all of our ideas, whatever the sector. REAL Digital is truly dynamic, interactive in its output, bespoke in its solutions; all achieved in the most optimised manner possible.


Our Certifications

We are committed to creating a sustainable business for our employees, our clients and the environment. Our business process management ensures both production efficiency and staff effectiveness, all essential for sustainability, reflecting our corporate and social responsibilities.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Senior Management

Our Senior Management Team defines our service offering. With complementary skills in Business Management, Production, Communications and Sales and Marketing, our expertise in digital and re-engineered supply chain solutions spans over 30 years. This combination of skills, together with a hands-on approach, creates a balance between strategy and execution, people and process, pragmatism and innovation.

Data Services

Our Data Team are continually developing new ideas and techniques, building solutions, programming different processes, investigating new technologies and inventing new methods of delivering solutions. The challenges we continually set ourselves are testament alone to our collective mind-set, pushing ourselves and our clients ever further.

Project Management

The specialised knowledge and holistic approach of our Project Management team ensures that we work with our clients in a truly consultative way. Understanding the current dynamics across Retail, Mobile, Healthcare and Financial Services enables a broad view to be taken of client requirements and gives us the opportunity to contribute in a strategic and thought-provoking way.


The engineering team support the daily running of the business, helping us ensure that our hard-won reputation for quality, innovation and reliability is maintained.  In addition, they are instrumental in delivering the reality of all those ideas and visions, developing automated production lines, training robots, building robust production processes to ensure reliability throughout.

Our Directors

Barry Stephens

Barry Stephens

Managing Director

Chris Tagg

Chris Tagg

Sales and Marketing Director

Robert Woolridge

Robert Woolridge

Finance Director