Meet the Team

With decades of experience transforming and re-engineering complex data-driven workflows, the RDi team continue to develop and drive forward transformational change. 

Chris Tagg

Chief Strategy Officer

Ian Vallance

Chief Financial Officer

David Stephens

Data Services Director

Kim Plowman

HR Director

Barry Dodimead

Client Services Director

Our Vision and Evolution

Established in 2004, our goal is to do things differently and to continually push boundaries. Starting with a blank canvas we created an environment that truly reflects our thoughts, plans and ideas, positioning us to best serve our clients’ needs in an ever changing world.

Developing, innovating and challenging traditional approaches to processing sensitive data, messaging, kitting and fulfilling utilising state-of-the art production lines, sees RDi make available to the market capacity and capability to enable healthcare systems to adapt and develop new ways of testing patients and populations that accelerate early diagnosis and thereby access to treatment and care.

Our pioneering and challenging mind-set has seen us support large organisations in delivering on their strategies and our global reach has seen us deliver kits, components and analytical solutions across a broad range of products and services.

Our Certifications

We are committed to creating a sustainable business for our employees, our clients and the environment. Our business compliance management ensures both production efficiency and staff effectiveness, all essential for sustainability, reflecting our corporate and social responsibilities.

Our Methodology

RDi believes in a truly partnership approach, innovating the way that healthcare systems interact with users and patients to improve the outcomes for all.

To create a successful sample collection programme it is imperative that this is a collaborative effort in order to maximise opportunity and control.

Scoping is critical to building a service that works in both a practical sense, but it also needs to deliver across the whole supply chain, it needs to deliver a good customer journey from enquiry, through ordering, receipt, action, return, result and follow-up.

All of this needs to be undertaken through a compliant and transparent process to ensure the critical nature of these programmes are fully managed and reviewed.

As a consequence RDi approaches any project with the requirement to understand its objectives. By understanding this, our team of experts can help shape and support a solution that will deliver our clients requirements not force them to use a pre-determined product or approach.

RDi makes a difference. Our capabilities gives your users the solution they need across all channels; combined with packaging to explain, engage and securely transport.

Joined up thinking is at the heart of who and what we are. Integrating journey mapping, planning and analytics to campaigns across all sectors ensures maximum value and efficiency is driven throughout any communication or product journey.

We care passionately about healthcare inequalities and pride ourselves in supporting organisations to maximise the potential in our services to deliver the best and most appropriate solutions to include all areas of society.

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