Medical kitting and fulfilment services span the entirety of the healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain. From sample collection, packaging, transportation, reception and testing, kitting and fulfilment services shape the time at which a patient receives treatment. 

Supply chain management services in healthcare

Within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences markets, the fulfilment and assembly of medical kits has become crucial. Private and public businesses have deployed a range of kits that the public can access at their fingertips. Alongside this is the expansion of laboratories and their assay repertoires Both have resulted in an evolving number of testing and diagnostics which can begin and end with remote sample collection. 

Kitting and fulfilment services are no longer suited primarily to the general healthcare system, instead, various sectors across the globe are transforming the healthcare supply chain. We’re all united by a common goal of advancing treatments available to the global population and improving public health.

With this comes RDi’s innovative and technology-driven kitting and fulfilment services. Where pre-established, efficient and data-led production lines can boost the number of medical kits being assembled and transported across various countries.

Who benefits from automated kitting and fulfilment services?

Below are segments of an integrated healthcare ecosystem, with a supply chain of diagnostic services running throughout each sector in order to identify diseases and provide treatment to a patient in a timely, seamless and cost-effective manner. 

The relationship between these areas of the healthcare supply chain are all interconnected through kitting and fulfilment services. Various sectors can request and distribute medical kits with additional life science laboratories requiring the safe transport and packaging of such completed kits. 

We recognise that due to the extensive relationship between diagnostics, clinical trials, screening programs, and private and public healthcare, clinical and R&D labs will require tailored solutions. 

RDi recognises and understand the varying needs of these applications of kitting and fulfilment services, find out more below:


Helping diagnostic service providers to operate an end-to-end kitting service.

clinical trial kitting services at RDi

Clinical Trials

Producing the crucial fulfilment channels between phase III trial samples and research data.


Dispensing automated sample collection kits to increase the uptake of screening participants.

medical kitting and medical packaging in doctors suite

Healthcare & Clinics

Delivering patient facing medical services to streamline diagnostic turnaround times through on-demand kits and consumables.

laboratory sample transport packaging


Allowing traceability of the management of supply chains services for resource allocation.

UN3373 Category B Packaging

A complete portfolio of packaging to ensure the safe transportation of Category B specimens throughout each sector.

Kitting and Fulfilment Services

The intricate tapestry of the modern healthcare system forms various threads between the fabric of patient care and medical advancement. From the beacon of innovation and next-generation drug candidates in clinical trials to the cornerstone of healthcare known as diagnostic services and testing laboratories who continue to develop procedures to identify disease, RDi can empower your business through one or many of our products and services:

RDis complete kitting and fulfilment services via sector

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