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Clinics and healthcare facilities are at the foreground of patient care and public health. Providing exceptional outpatient medical services and treatments, the clinic is a front-facing healthcare platform for the general public.  

medical kitting and medical packaging in doctors suite

Clinics can vary in size and scope, delivering specialised medical expertise or general healthcare services and treatments, all of which will require medical device kitting or medical packaging during their daily operations.  

These range from primary care clinics, urgent care clinics, speciality clinics, sexual health clinics and genetics clinics to name a few. Each will require patient specimen collection during their diagnostic, screening, or treatment processes.  

These environments operate efficiently with patient safety and quality of care at the core of their delivery.  

Having a reliable, compliant, and consistent source of medical devices, medical kitting resources and medical packaging is the only way their procedures can be standardised. This remains central to a well-operating customer-facing clinic that must execute consistent and accurate healthcare support at all times.  

Medical Kitting & Medical Packaging 

Healthcare facilities, including clinics, must comply with a range of strict regulatory standards which are in place to protect the well-being of individuals who require medical advice, support, diagnosis, and treatment.   

Their routine operations call for properly kitted and packaged medical supplies to be transported, delivered and stored in an organised, compliant setting, where clinicians and healthcare professionals can prioritise patient care over assembly or packaging of samples.  

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Medical kitting has brought a new avenue of pre-assembled sample collection kits for use in both the clinic and at the patient’s home. Pre-assembled consumables adhere to the strict processes and inventory management protocols of healthcare facilities.  

By offering an automated medical kitting supply chain, RDi has gone one step beyond typical medical kit assembly. Minimising the time spent on assembly through an innovative and traceable technology infrastructure, our production line can assemble more than 150,000 kits per day.  

We’re pleased to assist healthcare facilities and clinics in saving supplier costs through the additional benefits of automated medical device kitting: 

  • Eliminating lengthy supply procurement processes 
  • Optimising inventories 
  • Reducing waste by receiving pre-assembled kits 
  • Servicing exceptional levels of quality through well-allocated resources and employee time 

Through our expert medical kitting services, regulatory compliance is simple. The safe handling and storage of medical kits is no longer a concern for the clinic as RDi will exceed the regulatory requirements during the assembly and fulfilment process.  

This can be partnered with labelling practices to ensure that clinics can go the extra mile by delivering home sample collection kits that are unique to the patient.  

Our medical kits offer peace of mind to the clinic, helping them to meet standard procedures in a timely and consistent manner, unifying their patient care practices to one single medical kitting provider.  

Uniting healthcare services with patient needs

The fundamental operations of a healthcare facility or clinic place the patient at the centre of their services.  

Motivated by the requirement to fulfil both increased accessibility to healthcare support, and the mission to help patients receive diagnosis as early as possible, a medical clinic is under pressure to maintain and implement proper kitting and packaging processes without risking valuable public sector funding, governmental support and upkeeping regulatory compliance.  

Delivering uninterrupted at-home sample collection kits and medical kitting and packaging throughout our global healthcare network is easily achieved through our data insights and experienced supply chain technology.  

medical kitting during COVID 19

UN3373 medical packaging restrictions are easily met with our portfolio of packaging products and consumables. Supplied in line with medical kitting and kit assembly services or as standalone clinic consumables, each primary, secondary and outer packaging receptacle is designed to streamline and accelerate the sample collection of routine diagnostic requirements.  

From HPV strains, cancers, disorders, sexual health, and many more medical conditions and healthcare monitoring needs, RDi have a medical kit and the respective UN3373 packaging to safely collect and transport these vital biological samples from the clinic to their diagnostic testing lab. 

We understand that the patient is at the core of the healthcare sector, which is why we offer a range of medical kitting, packaging and fulfilment options to ensure that clinics can meet the needs of the patient.  

Collecting adequate sample volumes from their local primary care practice visitors or issuing a reliable medical kit that can be used by a patient in the comfort of their own home, regardless of the sample type or environment, RDi can support clinics to reach standard, timely and routine diagnosis.  

Ensure accessibility and patient safety whilst maintaining regulatory compliance through a strategic partnership with RDi’s medical kitting solutions.  

Supply Chain Management Services

RDi works with a variety of sectors across the healthcare and medical arena to facilitate their delivery of innovative, timely and compliant medical kit fulfilment to meet the demand of at-home sample collection, diagnostic supply chains and worldwide screening programs. Here are some of the sectors our supply chain management services are employed within:

diagnostic test kitting to support public health


Helping diagnostic service providers to operate an end-to-end kitting service.


Dispensing automated sample collection kits to increase the uptake of screening participants.

clinical trial kitting services at RDi

Clinical Trials

Producing the crucial fulfilment channels between phase III trial samples and research data.

laboratory sample transport packaging


Allowing traceability of the management of supply chains services for resource allocation.

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