The diagnostic sector plays a pivotal role in the detection of diseases. At the centre of continuing worldwide public health and wellness is the diagnostic test kitting and diagnostic packaging industry.  

diagnostic test kitting to support public health

In order to maintain their specialist areas of diagnostic testing, manufacturing and supply to healthcare facilities, laboratories, clinics and other medical institutes in the sector, diagnostic test kitting must comply with strict regulations.  

They’re not only responsible for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients but they also bring patients closer to improved outcomes and treatments through speedy delivery of kits compliant with diagnostic packaging regulations but also diagnostic consumables suitable for day-to-day procedures in private and public healthcare settings. 

The diagnostic test kitting procedure is stringent and must be adhered to, ensuring that both the fulfilment point and receptacle point, of the diagnostic journey are protecting the crucial biological specimen or sample collected from a patient.  

Diagnostic Test Kitting Services

Many medical diagnostic service providers opt to offer turnkey solutions and end-to-end services which cater to the complete needs of their clientele. What many don’t realise, however, is that data intelligence and automation are essential to ensure quick and compliant diagnostic test kitting fulfilment. 

We understand that medical diagnostic service providers typically look to expand their portfolio into diagnostic packaging and diagnostic test kitting. RDi partners with various diagnostic testing providers to ensure that the transportation of any sample collected prior to the test, or the diagnostic outcome from the tested sample, is traceable, integrated, and compliant.  

diagnostic packaging and test kitting production line

At the core of this is the packaging or kitting of the medical device which can be used to obtain the diagnostic sample. RDi’s experience fulfilling the needs of this diagnostic service is expansive, with over 100 million diagnostic test kits produced and packaged to date.  

Diagnostic businesses across the world have chosen to utilise or outsource their diagnostic test-kitting capabilities to RDi.

With unmatched diagnostic packaging knowledge, innovative supply chain management technology and readily available automated production lines, we’re here to serve the diagnostic sector with everything they need to continue to bring diagnosis to patients as soon as possible.  

We can deliver an automated diagnostic test kitting service on your behalf through our state-of-the-art UK-based production lines. RDi can also offer compliant diagnostic packaging to ensure transportation requirements of any diagnostic samples are met with regulatory-compliant packaging.  

Better yet, we also form traceable data streams from completed test kits to expected samples awaiting diagnostic testing, allowing the sector to evaluate and assign resources appropriately.  

Transforming the way diagnostic services are delivered

Our team are well equipped with the essential life sciences expertise and R&D knowledge to advise your business on the best way to fulfil the needs of its customers whilst transforming the way production and operations are run. Specifically relating to diagnostic test kitting and packaging. 

Diagnostic services are innate to public health. We recognise that any and all aspects of the service portfolio should exceed expectations relating to transportation times, results delivery and quality of medical devices.  

As a sector that is fuelled by timeliness, quality assurance, accessibility, patient privacy and interdisciplinary collaboration, RDi continues to shape their services to meet these needs.  

diagnostic packaging and diagnostic test kitting for urine samples

Underpinned by our ISO13485 certification, we have the capacity to produce in excess of 150,000 diagnostic test kits per day through an auditable process which recognises and scans each kit to ensure complete and accurate fulfilment.  

Partnering this quality assured kitting process with our registration and patient data integrations, we believe we offer solutions that align with the ethos of the diagnostic sector.  

Focusing on the development, manufacturing, distribution and utilisation of tools, equipment and services, the diagnostic sector is vast. RDi is proud to facilitate such an important part of the healthcare arena in any way possible. Explore our complete portfolio of solutions or reap the benefits of compliant diagnostic packaging products 

Supply Chain Management Services

RDi works with a variety of sectors across the healthcare and medical arena to facilitate their delivery of innovative, timely and compliant medical kit fulfilment to meet the demand of at-home sample collection, diagnostic supply chains and worldwide screening programs. Here are some of the sectors our supply chain management services are employed within:

Healthcare & Clinics

Delivering patient facing medical services to streamline diagnostic turnaround times through on-demand kits.


Dispensing automated sample collection kits to increase the uptake of screening participants.

clinical trial kitting services at RDi

Clinical Trials

Producing the crucial fulfilment channels between phase III trial samples and research data.

laboratory sample transport packaging


Allowing traceability of the management of supply chains services for resource allocation.

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