RDi products specialise in sample collection kits and packaging solutions for your Category B UN3373 samples. As part of the broader RDi group, we offer end-to-end kit production, fulfilment, and post-analytical services, ensuring that we can support our clients throughout the entire journey of sample collection design, kit manufacture, and transportation.

We ship our products to a range of different businesses, including clinics, labs, manufacturing companies and other healthcare service providers in the UK and globally.


We can even distribute any of our kits on your behalf and ensure they reach your end-customers, saving you time and money as well as streamlining your sample collection or diagnostic process.

At RDi, we’re passionate about helping each individual meet their packaging goals. We can deploy our custom packaging service to research and develop a unique product made just for you. Alternatively,  we can customise any of our existing products to suit your specific dimension requirements.

Whilst we’re always pleased to see market-leading healthcare businesses utilise RDi branded kits and consumables, we understand that this may not always be preferable for our customers at all times. Our kit and packaging range is entirely customisable, meaning we can work together on the changes in labels, imagery and contents. We can also provide you with advice on how to apply these factors to increase response and compliance.

Absolutely! We have been operating a supply chain fulfilment service for over a decade, for more information on our medical kitting services you can head to our RDi website or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

Of course! We offer free samples for any of our products, all you need to do is get in touch regarding the product you’re interested in and we’ll sort the rest.


We aim to keep all our communication lines open; you can get in touch with us through several different channels:


For general enquiries and company information: info@real-digital.co.uk

For product-related enquiries:  sales@rdiproducts.com

To speak to customer services: sales@rdiproducts.com


RDi is committed to creating sustainable business for the healthcare sector, their customers and the environment. We have an internal Business Compliance Management team that ensures that products, services and operations are conducted to the highest level of compliance.


We are ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, as well as working towards a more sustainable future for medical sample collection through our innovative reduced plastic designs!

We advise our clients on the importance of proof of certification, regulated testing for all sample packaging products. Testing must be conducted by an accredited laboratory as opposed to independent testing, providing 100% assurance that your samples are truly protected.


Our products are tested by an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. We offer certified proof of product compliance via our certifications, which are available upon request.

Category A samples refer to infectious substances that could be life-threatening, or cause permanent disability. These are classified as UN2814 for human substances or UN2900 for animal substances. Category B samples refer to less-threatening biological substances and are classified as UN3373 for both human and animal substances.


Category A, Category B and exempt samples require specific packaging requirements for safe and compliant transportation. You can check out our compliance pathway for more information.

Our packaging is specially built to be compliant with all UN3373 Category B sample types, including both animal and human specimens. Our packaging is also suitable for samples that are categorised as exempt.


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