Health Screenings

Health screenings are a fundamental healthcare management practice and stand out as a successful strategy for preserving public health at scale. Early disease diagnosis is central to every screening process which is designed to detect potential health disorders in individuals who are seemingly healthy or asymptomatic.

Health screenings specifically target population subsectors who are more susceptible or at higher risk of developing diseases or disorders, from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to several cancer types. By facilitating early treatment and disease management, promoting pre-symptomatic diagnosis can effectively reduce mortality rates.

Screening processes often rely on the use of health screening kits for accurate sample collection. Whether this is conducted in a healthcare facility or is self-administered at home, both methods require compliant and reliable kitting to facilitate accurate lab analysis.

This involves at-home health screening kits and compliant transport packaging for the unique identification, safety, and preservation needs of each sample throughout its transportation journey.

At-home screening kits and compliant packaging 

To increase the success rate of health screenings and better facilitate public health, healthcare screening methods have long since introduced at-home screening kits to simplify sample collection.

Implementing at-home screening kits tackles existing challenges seen within current screening programmes, including limited accessibility and high missed appointment rates. This is achieved by providing a simple-to-use, quick and efficient sample collection method designed for use in the comfort of your own home. These kits are more widely available for the whole population, including those outside the age demographics or pre-determined target audiences.

We recognise that the primary focus of a laboratory remains on immunoassay testing, pathology inspections, and delivering the crucial analysis that brings patients closer to diagnosis. RDi’s carefully crafted, compliant-developed sample transport packaging range is fit for multiple transport processes, including land, sea and air.

Sample Collection Kits
  • Our design team curates and manufactures a range of health screening kits designed for ease of use, simplicity, clarity and accessibility.
  • Our team includes compliance specialists that offer ultimate peace of mind at both individual and batch level.
  • We prioritise innovative design to reduce packaging costs and improve sustainability with our unique packaging and kitting solutions.

Our transportation packaging and sample collection kits are suitable for both at-home or clinic use. These adhere to the stringent regulatory guidelines in place to safeguard those involved in the transportation and diagnostic process, from the couriers and handlers to the analysts in the lab.

Through our expertise in UN3773 sample packaging design, we can support the transportation demands for all health screening sample journeys, from home to lab or clinic to lab. The RDi portfolio encompasses a range of customisable packaging solutions for the safe and compliant transportation of tubes, vials, pouches, and any additional materials employed within your health screening kit.

Moving beyond sample collection kit design, RDi’s capabilities can support the wider health screening process throughout the entire healthcare supply chain. Working with clinics and additional healthcare facilities, our end-to-end service includes the provision of our high-scale, automated production lines, unique kit identification technology, and stock management and fulfilment expertise.   

Our clients can gain a deeper understanding of the wider market through our post fulfilment data and analytics software. This provides the data needed to analyse user trends and assess current processes, ultimately serving as an essential driver to improving health screenings.

Safeguarding public health through accessible screening

Motivated by a collective ambition to safeguard public health, healthcare screening program providers can partner with RDi to transform their screening supply chains and support the mission to improve early diagnosis.

RDi is proud of its commitment to supporting health screenings through our kit design, manufacture, and fulfilment capabilities. Our range of health screening kits, diagnostic consumables and sample transport packaging gives our clients the necessary portfolio needed to meet their clinic-based screening requirements.

Having worked with innovators who have championed remote sample collection throughout the past decade, we have the capabilities needed to expedite the new wave of at-home sample collection kits to facilitate our screening processes.


Partner with RDi to improve the efficiency of our health screenings throughout the UK and beyond.

Supply Chain Management Services

RDi works with a variety of sectors across the healthcare and medical arena to facilitate their delivery of innovative, timely and compliant medical kit fulfilment to meet the demand of at-home sample collection, diagnostic supply chains and worldwide screening programs. Here are some of the sectors our supply chain management services are employed within:

diagnostic test kitting to support public health


Helping diagnostic service providers to operate an end-to-end kitting service.

laboratory sample transport packaging


Allowing traceability of the management of supply chains services for resource allocation.

clinical trial kitting services at RDi

Clinical Trials

Producing the crucial fulfilment channels between phase III trial samples and research data.

medical kitting and medical packaging in doctors suite

Healthcare & Clinics​

Delivering patient facing medical services to streamline diagnostic turnaround times through on-demand kits.​

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