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Sample collection kits to accelerate diagnosis and streamline compliance.

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Why RDi

Introducing our range of UN3373 category B sample collection kits that are improving the speed at which patients receive diagnosis, whilst streamlining regulatory compliance, transportation and end-user cooperation.

The healthcare arena is continuing to progress towards patient-centric processes, which includes the adoption of at-home testing and sample collection. In order for this innovative route of screening and testing to effectively bring healthcare to a patient’s home, sample collection kits must be carefully designed.

Our team of life science professionals and state of the art design and manufacture capabilities pinpoint RDi as the trusted supplier of at-home sample collection kits, consumables and products. We have taken the time to consider custom medical device requirements, sustainable business practices and zero medical waste ambitions. Ensuring we account for what is important for the industry we serve.

By partnering with public and private healthcare, medium and global pharmaceutical manufacturers, sexual health, diagnostic and other screening programs, our range of sample collection products are enabling businesses to put the power of managing diagnosis timelines in the hands of the patient, without dealing with the complexities of shipping, compliance, packaging, testing and logistical transportation.

Managing essential UN3373 compliance

Revolutionising the way the medical and healthcare sectors encourage patients to conduct testing and achieve early diagnosis can be achieved through packaging and design.
We’ve spent over two decades conceptualising sample collection kits which put the end-user first, whilst maintaining a compliant and streamlined transportation journey to the reception laboratory. UN3373 compliance ensures that sample collection kits and components meet the durability, safety, quality, and reliability specifications to handle Category B Biological samples.

Sample collection kits must be made up of various components to protect a patient’s sample, the rigorous details of UN3373 compliance, however, are made simple with our RDi products range.  

The design of our distinctive secondary packaging products, including safeTpouch and safeTsorb, meet the specifications of a spillage and damage preventative UN3373 secondary layer. Pairing this with the RDi transport box, a rigid outer packaging shell which can absorb shocks and protect samples during transit, and many of our other products, can facilitate compliance.  

Sample Collection Kits

To ensure that our offering can handle the complexities of both packaging and logistics, we also offer end-to-end UN3373 sample collection solutions. Manufacturing and designing complete kits that can integrate with your supply chain and distribution journeys. 

Through an extensive knowledge of the medical packaging sector, we can recognise and interpret the UN3373 regulatory requirements and industry needs as one. Find out more using our compliance pathway navigator. By offering the capability to custom design and flexibly accommodate individual client demands we ensure continued delivery for patient networks in a way that suits our customers’ sample collection methods.  

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