Social Responsibility

As a company RDi works to support pharma, biotech and medical device companies to minimise their impact on the environment whilst enabling them to maximise their impact on society.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that allow companies to bring products intended to diagnose, treat and improve patient wellbeing to market faster, with greater compliance, yet minimising the impact on materials and delivery.

It is this commitment coupled with the acknowledgement of the impact our business model has on the world that defines our corporate social responsibility strategy. It is of vital importance that we not only take responsibility for our actions as a company but invest in our future to enable our customers to achieve their goals.

Our key areas of focus:

Accessibility and Affordability

Ensuring healthcare services are accessible and affordable to all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location has been a key part of our ethos since developing cancer screening solutions in 2008. Devising methodologies to enable large-scale targeting of populations, with appropriate messaging and measurable results, ensures an iterative and developmental approach to maximise reach and response.


Working with charities and national healthcare bodies to devise promotional and research activity to support greater participation in programmes and activities to understand, participate and respond to initiatives designed to address take up of available programmes to support healthcare initiatives.


Focusing on minimising the materials used in our solutions, in terms of size and weight to ensure that we minimise our ecological impact. Our involvement in key recycling programmes, focus on recycled and biodegradable materials continues to be a key part of our R&D strategy alongside ensuring maximum compliance, minimising waste and storage.


RDi maintains the highest ethical standards in healthcare delivery, analysis and decision-making. Transparency and accountability in our healthcare operations, allied to our management of data and associated security supports patient-centric diagnostics and research.

By ensuring that we contribute to the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities, we address health inequalities and help create a more sustainable and just healthcare system.

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