SIM Card Management

SIM Card Management

Fulfilment & Number Management

As the UK’s largest provider of automated SIM card packaging and fulfilment we have a mature and developed solution offering complete flexibility to provide control of both physical SIM cards, messaging and stock levels.

Currently producing in excess of 25 million SIM packs per annum, we have long-established relationships and continue to develop new technology to ensure a fully automated, integrity focused solution, able to cope with spikes in demand, whilst at the same time enabling a just-in-time approach to stock control.

We manage, produce and fulfil SIM and eSIM packs for some of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe. Through re engineering their SIM packs we have incorporated innovation, competitive advantage and cost-savings. Maintenance of a high quality print output, with absolute integrity around data, cards and reporting has been key to successful product delivery.

Our analytical and planning tools ensure that activations, messaging, channel fulfilment and stock are integrated to provide an agile and dynamic solution designed to be just-in-time, reducing redundancy and increasingly market-led.

With our many years’ experience of postal services, we offer a SIM pack solution that prints personalised carriers on demand, and mails them to the individual recipient. We are able to advise on the structure of the content of the pack, how messaging can be targeted to best effect and ensure that data is qualified and filtered to keep wastage and fraudulent requests to a minimum.

Barry Dodimead

Client Services Director
“Having been involved in so many projects, re-engineering process, adding value and planning for the long-term, I find REAL Digital is an enormously vibrant and stimulating environment in which to be. We relish bringing prospective and existing clients into the business and seeing what we can create together.”

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Delivering testing and screening solutions

Healthcare systems have been adapting to the ability to test and screen populations for disease in their own homes. Never has this been more relevant than today. Getting a test to the right person, at the right point in time, with full clarity, integrity and process, ensures high response rates and compliance.

REAL Digital has developed solutions drawing upon its many years of experience in loyalty, marketing, pairing and matching to revolutionise the way screening and testing kits are designed, produced and analysed.

Five years of development has resulted in a bespoke automated packaging solution that can be adapted to suit a wide variety of products and programmes. Flexibility is key and our many years of experience working within this sector has enabled us to have a joined-up approach to benefit all areas of the supply chain from clinicians, to chemists, through to patients and policy makers.

Scale is paramount. If a test is proven to be successful it is imperative that this can produced and fulfilled at large volume. Currently producing many millions of personalised kits per annum, REAL Digital’s scalable solution provides the reassurance that whatever the demands these can be met.

Our full suite of analytical products mean that messaging, segmentation and understanding are all part of the package and serve to drive future policy and decision-making to a dynamic process.

The shift towards empowering patients is already under way as consumers drive the process by interacting with their own testing and having the confidence to do so .However, the biggest impact of all of these changes will be to lower the cost of healthcare overall, both in terms of removing immediate face-to-face activity and by preventing diseases reaching latter stages.

Tania Colegate

Sales Director
“Playing such an integral part in programmes that make a genuine difference to peoples’ lives gives a whole new sense of purpose to why we do what we do.”

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Communications Management

Customer Communications

Making the right connections

The ability to communicate with your customer base across the myriad of delivery options now available, whilst maintaining consistency in message and more importantly legal requirements, is the art involved in Customer Communication Management.

With investment in ‘class leading’ cross-media platforms, and driven by an award winning development team, REAL Digital has built a range of Customer Content Management programmes and tools for our clients, each engineered to suit their individual requirements.

Ensuring that each communication stage interacts with each other is key to managing any relationship. Our platform offers multimedia output; digital interaction can be monitored, and if not read by customers, trigger alternative output, e.g., print/SMS/outbound call, thereby safeguarding customer engagement.

Real-time interaction via a sophisticated app and email delivery process means that customers are connected 24/7, reducing print, postage and physical call centre costs, whilst delivering enhanced communication and sales benefits. Our bespoke platform provides online editable access to documents, T’s&C’s and marketing material, providing creative flexibility to stay ahead of the competition. This all takes place alongside an online approval process utilising the most up-to-date tools available.

Working for some of the country’s leading financial organisations, we have a track record of delivering continual improvement to both process and output.

Bill Pound 

Client Relationship Director
Communication strategies are for the long-term. Flexibility, reach and future-proofing are at the heart of all my discussions. Print, email, online and app are all equally valid, but there are many supporting opportunities whether they be personalised video, connected data capture or interactive solutions.

REAL Digital’s CCM team will happily discuss the opportunities and share our case studies

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Understanding and controlling the message

Communication is now multi-faceted, immediate and outcomes are influenced by a wide-variety of factors. Being able to plan, interpret and manage the reaction to their communications are key for all brands as they develop their strategies and portfolios. Our window on this world is now integral to be able to achieve this.

REAL Digital adds value to the entire supply chain and ecosystem. If your product or message is coded or unique to the recipient, requires a full audit trail, pre- or post-pairing, our end-to-end capabilities are transforming this fast-growing sector.

Organisations tend to work in silos providing detailed analytics on small sections of the overall customer journey. Investment in technology to deliver these result is constantly evolving and increasing in cost.

REAL Digital deliver tools and know-how to unleash the data already held across your business. Presenting this information to each silo ensures a more engaging and robust journey for your customers and a better understanding of where your business is succeeding or under-performing.

Along with empowering business to be able to reduce costs, our work in this field has influenced a number of corporate decisions by enlightening them on the most effective communication channels for their product, which messaging is working better for specific age groups / demographic, alongside a broader array of key metrics and indicators set up in an “as live” environment.

We are excited by the power and possibilities that lie ahead for these tools. Our professional services skills help bring the capability to life, creating a truly agile and actually utilised solution, to those at the coalface who need it most.

David Stephens

Data Services Director

“Analysing data is still the best way to gain insight into behaviour. Advanced data visualisation tools now make it much easier to assess how and why your customers are transacting.”

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Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging

The Fulfilment of Unique Products

We live in an increasingly connected world yet this creates a remote relationship with their customers for many brands today. Interacting with your customers can require putting physical things in their hands, whether that be for promotional, transactional or testing purposes. The sector has traditionally relied upon paper into an envelope or hand packing into boxes but there is an alternative.

Combining many years of experience in enclosing, affixing and supply chain management, REAL Digital is transforming this fast-growing sector. Just because a product doesn’t fit into an envelope does not mean that it cannot utilise the capabilities of targeted messaging, the pairing and allocation benefits of in-line encoding or the matched return functionality either device or online driven.

The opportunities are endless, it is about not only thinking about the box but thinking outside the box. Planning the
whole journey drives benefits and uptake.

Our partnership and consultative approach ensures that we are able to support our customers at the many different entry points during their connected journey.

• Project management
• Design and prototyping (3D printing)
• CRM implementation and secure data capture
• Software and platform integration
• Packaging and automated fulfilment solutions
• Global logistics and distribution
• Returns management
• Supply chain planning

This more integrated process linking data, content and matched product is transforming the way products can now be delivered.

Allison Oosterbaan

Business Development Director
“With the world changing by the day in how we communicate and connect to each other, leading REAL Digital into this new world has seen me talk to so many new people, each with great ideas as to how we can all create a better connected world.”

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