Supply Chain Technology and Data Management

Supply chain technology integrated into the distribution of healthcare and medical kitting channels.

What we offer

Why RDi

From the outset RDi has focused on harnessing healthcare supply chain technology to develop automated channels and source data intelligence during medical kit distribution which drives safety, quality, reliability and efficiency into our solutions.

The ability to process billions of records, in heavily compliant environments, ensures that we have the experience to manage many data requirements. We have integrated supply chain technology across a broad spectrum of platforms and legacy systems enabling us to gather the data your require, whilst ensuring that the location of such data and its final destination can be accessed and updated accordingly.

Integrating data into automated production lines of medical kitting ensures that each product can be assembled and verified at an individual level. Through our healthcare supply chains and data-led technology, quality in kitting can be achieved at volume and with a high speed output.

Multi production lines are pre-established at our various sites. We have significant daily capacity to build an automated supply chain which is backed up by our technology and in-house life science professionals. Our R&D team also develop components for the compliant transportation of biological samples which can be readily incorporated into our hi-tech kitting machinery.

Data is at the heart of every process

We combine our automated capabilities with sophisticated software which enables RDi to monitor each product or kit’s action, output and post-market activity, creating an entirely bespoke data-led service for each client.

Our software engineering teams have spent many years designing a partner platform for our automated production lines that is capable of incorporating a wide variety of kit components. 

Not only this, but our design team produced a class-leading fulfilment software which can do this with full camera verification to create an end-to-end audit trail,  capturing imagery, date and time stamps to record every action undertaken.

Our supply chain technology and approach to automation capture every element at every stage.

The ability to do this enables RDi to offer a post-issuance service, traceable products and a tracked path through the supply chain, its return journey and key operational and compliance metrics.

Our online portals serve to provide logistical and operational support, customer service and planning opportunities for our clients, as they look to improve healthcare accessibility. 

Healthcare supply chain technology in action

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